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Mirepoix - Single Can

Mirepoix - Single Can   Mirepoix - Single Can

Mirepoix - Single Can


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Nutristore(TM) Dehydrated Mirepoix Blend is an equal parts blend of Onions, Carrots, and Celery. It is primarily used in soups, stocks, stews, and sauces. Mirepoix is also great as a marinate or braze for meats. Our Mirepoix is packed with flavor and essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. Preparation is hassle-free. This Dehydrated blend has a 10 year shelf life. Adding a can of Mirepoix to your storage will give you a greater variety of meal options and bring a delicious flavor to existing recipes.a Simple preparation a 10 year shelf lifea High in Vitamin C, Calcium and Irona Versatile product packed with... More NMX
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