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Red Winter Wheat Sprouting Seeds - 8oz

Red Winter Wheat Sprouting Seeds - 8oz   Red Winter Wheat Sprouting Seeds - 8oz

Red Winter Wheat Sprouting Seeds - 8oz


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We Carry only Certified Organic Wheatberries! Can Be Used For Ornamental Wheatgrass, Wheatgrass for Juicing, Grind Wheat for Flour & Bread.Sprouting Wheatberries Benefits Include: Detoxifies and cleanses your body. Increases and sustains energy naturally. Natural source of antioxidants to help repair damaged cells. Strengthens your immune system. Insoluble fiber gently cleanses your digestive tract and promotes regularity. Handy Pandtry has been in the commercial wheatberry and wheatgrass sprouting business for more than 14 years. There are three kinds of sprouting wheatberries one can buy for sprouting: chemical free wheatberries, organic wheatberries, and certified organic wheatberries. Most sprouting wheatberries are chemical free in that the farmer might or might not use an herbicide to control the weeds in his fields. If he uses chemicals on the wheat, it will cause a distinct taste in the bread---thus no chemicals are used on the sprouting wheatberries themselves. There are organic wheatberries: Organic sprouting wheatberries are grown by farmers who have not used any chemicals on their land for over ten years.Then there are certified organic wheatberries: Certified organic wheatberries are the same as organic in that the wheat is grown by farmers who have not used chemicals on their land for over ten years. The difference is the certification. If a wheat is organic and you grow it in organic soil, it will have the necessary organisms in the soil to help it assimilate the minerals properly. Organic produce should also have the organism on it which produces cobalamin (B-12).Features:High germination ratePerfect for edible sproutsSprout gardening, hydroponicsGrowing salad sproutsSurvival food storageOrganic sprout cookingCertified 100% OrganicRaw, Vegan &... More NDSSRWW
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