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16" Solo Straight Color #8 (Light Chestnut Brown)

16" Solo Straight Color #8 (Light Chestnut Brown)   16" Solo Straight Color #8 (Light Chestnut Brown)

16" Solo Straight Color #8 (Light Chestnut Brown)


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We've got the shortcut to long, full, independent hair. Try Sono's 16" straight Solo and enjoy:

Versatility: There are no mistakes with this extension option. Adjust the wire to fit snugly around the crown of your head, then wear your hair like a headpiece or band. Solos can be easily removed and repositioned during the installation process, meaning fullness and length with no long-term commitment!
Easy Installation: It's called a Solo for a reason. You don't need anyone's help to install these extensions, and anyone can do it! Simply pull the wire band over your head, resting it flush around the crown of your head, then pull a layer of your natural hair on top. Brush into place.
No Damage: Solo extensions rest on your head, rather than on the hair itself. That means no uncomfortable tugging or tension at the roots. But they won't budge or slip or fall out, either. They'll stay comfortably and securely in place, situated as they are between layers of your natural hair.
Price: Solo hair extensions are an exceptional price for the quality and quantity of hair in each set. Each package contains 1 wide weft of hair in varying thicknesses, totaling anywhere between 105 and 145 grams of hair!
Long Lasting: Sono's Solo hair extensions last up to a year if worn regularly, and even longer if only worn occasionally. Regular maintenance, combined with quality hair care, makes these extensions ideal for a lasting... More

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