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Louis Garneau Course Sleeveless Jersey - Women's

Louis Garneau Course Sleeveless Jersey - Women's   Louis Garneau Course Sleeveless Jersey - Women's

Louis Garneau Course Sleeveless Jersey - Women's

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Oppressive heat is enough to keep the best of us indoors. Under an unrelenting sun, dehydration is accelerated at an alarming pace, and without the proper equipment, you'll be left bonked on the side of the road. This is where the Louis Garneau Course Women's Sleeveless Jersey comes in. Louis Garneau designed the Course sleeveless jersey to be the ultimate in lightweight and breathable comfort. However, to achieve this lofty ambition, Garneau was forced to create a complex design that remains simple on the eyes. Easier said than done. So, multiple fabrics were used in its construction, along with a sophisticated material treatment. Starting at the body of the jersey, Garneau knew that the bulk of construction had to be lightweight, malleable, and breathable. This means that Mondo was the obvious choice for its composition. Made from a featherweight, multi-filament polyester, Mondo's knit is porous for both breathability and for a high level of stretch that aids in comfort and aerodynamics. At the chest, shoulder blades, and side panels Garneau went to great lengths to account for the most cumbersome variable of comfort -- heat control. Sure, the aforementioned fabric is breathable, but Garneau still added its ultra-soft, MicroSens Mesh material for even more breathability. For one, MicroSens enhances the jersey's next-to-skin fit and comfort with its stretchable, microfiber composition. Additionally, it's been given a proprietary treatment in order to wick moisture away more rapidly. And lastly, its open mesh design keeps you dry while thoroughly ventilating your core. Going a step beyond, Garneau also treated the body of the jersey with the Coldblack finish. This finish permits the sun's heat to be reflected away from the jersey instead of absorbing it like most fabrics. So, you can ride on the rivet during summer races without running the risk of overheating. To secure the fit of the Course Superleggera jersey, Garneau has taken a multi-step approach. At... More

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