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Giordana Fusion Jersey - Men's

Giordana Fusion Jersey - Men's   Giordana Fusion Jersey - Men's

Giordana Fusion Jersey - Men's

 $84.95    $21.24

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Cycling doesn't always have to be about aero race jerseys and TT helmets; some days are for getting out and enjoying the sun and ride views after a long day rather than saving watts. If you're just getting into cycling or want a jersey in your rotation for the days you care more about comfort and quality than being kitted out in the most race-ready gear, add the Giordana Fusion Jersey to your drawer. Made with a soft, stretchy synthetic, the Fusion remains breathable and light as you ride, pulling moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate while following your body movements in the saddle. As a training-focused piece, the Fusion's fit leaves a little more to the imagination than some of Giordana's race jerseys, so you won't have to hold your breath to zip it on after a few busy weeks at work have kept you off the bike. Before you ride, stash your mid-ride bonk prevention and some emergency C02 in the Fusion's three roomy rear pockets, and once you're riding, use the full-length zipper to add extra airflow when the sun starts to heat up the... More

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