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Giordana NX-G Jersey - Women's

Giordana NX-G Jersey - Women's   Giordana NX-G Jersey - Women's

Giordana NX-G Jersey - Women's

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We've been impressed with Giordana's upgrade across most of its 2016 line for this year, but its NX-G Women's Jersey has us especially intrigued as an entirely new addition rather than just an update. Now the flagship kit for 2016, NX-G -- an abbreviation for Next Generation -- shares its name with the theme the entire collection was built around. All-new fabrics, adjustments to fit, and luxurious extras grace the entire line. NX-G was made for cyclists who log high-mileage training weeks, racing in team kit or unaffiliated every weekend, who need kit with impeccable, race-ready fit and functionality. The NX-G Jersey is a commendable addition to women's kit for 2016, cut to fit like a second skin in the saddle without being tight and restrictive while standing. Giordana began by reworking its entire fabric line for 2016, moving away from the more traditional synthetic blends it had used in the past and turning instead towards textiles sourced from the swim and undergarment industry. We were a little skeptical when we first heard this, with brief visions of heavy one-piece bathing suits from our youth popping unbidden into our minds, but Giordana did a commendable job at choosing blends that would work with the demands of cycling. The fabrics are made from a polyester microfiber and Lycra blend, so they have a silky, supple feel with enough stretch and return to make a contoured, next-to-skin fit. Giordana claims that ceramic fibers woven into the fabric also work to resist odors, protect against UV rays, and improve the fabric's ability to transfer moisture quickly. Giordana sets the NX-G apart from the rest of the line not only with this fit and fabric, but with its use of Thermal Bonding Technology (TBT), which is basically welded seams. The construction process eliminates the need for traditional stitching and excess material, improving aerodynamics and creating an incredibly clean fit and aesthetic across the entire jersey. Aerodynamics are also improved... More

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