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Louis Garneau Tri Elite Course Sleeveless Jersey - Men's

Louis Garneau Tri Elite Course Sleeveless Jersey - Men's   Louis Garneau Tri Elite Course Sleeveless Jersey - Men's

Louis Garneau Tri Elite Course Sleeveless Jersey - Men's

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Trying to find a tri kit that blends fit, function, and style together into something you'll actually want to wear for the season can understandably leave you blearily staring at a computer screen, wondering where the last several hours went. Louis Garneau has been making reliable tri gear for years, and its Tri Elite Course Sleeveless Jersey is a great example of what the brand does well. A contoured, anatomical fit and fast-drying, efficient materials combine to create a top that will feel as comfortable underneath your wetsuit as it will on the last kilometer of the run. Part of the secret to keeping the Tri Elite Course jersey fast is Garneau's CB Speed Tech fabric. It features a dimpled mesh design not unlike the surfaces of aero helmets and golf balls, and Garneau claims it reduces drag between speeds of 15 and 45 mph. This construction also enables the fabric to wick moisture away quickly, drying you off as you ride out of transition still dripping from your swim and keeping you cool as the air heats up by the time you get to the run. The fabric's 18% spandex content also classifies CB Speed Tech as a compressive fabric, which give it an edge in managing muscle fatigue throughout a race. Though it's no replacement for sunscreen, Garneau treats CB Speed Tech with a coldblack finish, which equips it to reflect, rather than absorb, UV rays on exposed courses, helping you to maintain a more consistent body temperature. In terms of fit, the shoulders and torso of the Tri Elite are pre-shaped to accommodate both cycling and running positions, and the 38cm zipper was constructed with teeth that pull away from the skin as well as a protective inner flap to guarantee a close, chafe-free... More

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