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Giordana NX-G Jersey - Men's

Giordana NX-G Jersey - Men's   Giordana NX-G Jersey - Men's

Giordana NX-G Jersey - Men's

 $299.95    $74.99

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With the all-new, top-of-the-line NX-G collection Giordana sought to redefine what a technical, high-performance cycling garment could be. The result is the lightweight, aerodynamic NX-G Men's Jersey, Giordana's best jersey to date. In place of traditional seams, the NX-G is made with Thermal Bonding Technology (TBT), which fuses fabrics together to reduce weight and provide a sleek, second-skin fit. The fabric on the front of the NX-G features 21% Lycra, providing a contoured-fit with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you dry. On the shoulders, Giordana uses a hammerhead design, which is a single panel of flexible fabric that is designed to conform and work with your body while you're in the riding position. Giordana also integrates this stretchable fabric at the waist and hem for added mobility and to ensure the jersey stays in place. On the back, the NX-G features a textured microfiber, which not only improves breathability, but it's also designed to channel air across your back to reduce drag. For added comfort, Giordana includes an ergonomically shaped collar and soft, laser-cut cuffs. The NX-G is also equipped with three rear pockets and a zippered fourth pocket to secure your ride... More

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