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Giro New Road Republic Shoe - Men's

Giro New Road Republic Shoe - Men's   Giro New Road Republic Shoe - Men's

Giro New Road Republic Shoe - Men's

 $149.95    $65.00

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Modeled along the same lines as the top-level competition Empire shoes, the New Road Republic Shoes democratize the casual-meets-cycling aesthetics of Giro's lace-up cycling kicks. Instead of the low weight and high price of the ambitious Empire, the Republic features a walking sole made of DuPont's Zytel nylon and armored with replaceable, sneaker-style walking pads that provide plenty of grip while you're navigating the pedestrian world between rides. Of course, the Republics are cycling shoes, so the soles are still plenty stiff and bipedal freedom doesn't come at the cost of efficiency when you're pedaling a bicycle. They also feature a breathable, durable, non-stretch microfiber upper that's similar to their imperial cousin, and the seven points of lace-up contact mean that the fit is just as customizable. A loop on the tongue locks the laces down after you've run the bunny around the tree, so the laces sit tight in their rabbit hole instead of hopping into your... More

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