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Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Bike Repair Stand   Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Bike Repair Stand


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Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight Bike Work Stand
Quality Compact and Lightweight Stand
The Pro Ultralight is Feedback's lightest and most compact repair stand. They cut a few inches off the center tubes to make the unit fold up smaller and save a few ounces of weight. The legs and clamp quickly fold into a 37"" unit weighing just 10.6 lbs. No tools required to set up or break down. The stand is height adjustable from 36""- 58"", and the clutch allows 360 degree rotation of the bike without the need for clamp readjustment. Featuring the award-winning, classic Slide-Lock clamp with quarter-turn open/close action. Solid tripod configuration holds up to 85 lbs. on flat or uneven surfaces. Two point contact rubber foot caps enhance grip. Crafted out of high quality anodized aluminum tubing will not rust.

Full Specs of Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Repair Stand:
Material: Anodized Red Aluminum
Clamp: Slide-Lock
Clamp Height: 35.6"" - 57.7"" (904mm - 1466mm)
Clamp Opening: 0.75"" - 1.9"" (19 mm - 48 mm)
Weight: 10.6lbs (4.8 KG)
Base Diameter: 54"" (1372 mm)
Folded Size: 5"" X 6.6"" X 36.9"
Load Capacity: 85 LBS. (38.6 KG)
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
Available Accessories: Tote Bag, Truing Station, Flop-Stop and Tool Tray

Feedback Sports: Feedback Sports sponsors a number of professional bicycle race teams and neutral support crews including Kona, Subaru Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Specialized, Mavic, Kenda, Shimano and SRAM. You'll see Feedback Sports products at almost any cycling event you... More

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