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OnGuard Bulldog Mini TC Bike U-Lock 5013TC

OnGuard Bulldog Mini TC Bike U-Lock 5013TC   OnGuard Bulldog Mini TC Bike U-Lock 5013TC

OnGuard Bulldog Mini TC Bike U-Lock 5013TC


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OnGuard Bulldog Mini TC Bike U-Lock 5013TC
The OnGuard Bulldog Mini TC bike lock is a compact lock to keep your bike safe and secure. This lock comes with an Anti-Theft protection offer of $1501 for a bike. Featuring OnGuard's M-Cylinder M-Key locking system and their X2 Double Bolt locking mechanism, the Bulldog will keep your bike secure. It comes with 5 laser cut keys, one of which features an LED micro-light built into it.

With a smaller sized U-lock than other locks, the Mini TC can be easily carried with your gear and is perfect for locking up in places where a smaller u-lock can fit around your bike and bicycle rack or pole.

Key Features of the Bulldog Mini TC Bike Lock:

X2 Double Bolt Locking Mechanism - provides added strength and high pull resistance by locking tight to 2 sides of the bar
13mm (0.51"") hardened steel shackle
Anti theft protection offer
Pick, pull, and drill resistant M-key Cylinder featuring BumpBlock with a rotating dust cover
5 Laser cut keys, and 1 with an LED micro-light
All tube quick release multi-position mounting bracket
Protective coatings on the cross bar and shackle
M-Cylinder Locking Mechanism - User friendly, pick, pull and drill resistant OnGuard M-key Cylinder featuring BumpBlok, offers premium deterrent against physical attack.
Measures 90 x 140mm (3.55 x 5.52"") More

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