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Bicycle Seat Cover

Bicycle Seat Cover   Bicycle Seat Cover

Bicycle Seat Cover


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Bike Seat Cover - Keep your bicycle seat dry

Perfect for protecting your leather Brooks Saddle and keeping any other bike seat clean and dry. The Traverse seat cover is crafted out of ultra lightweight durable weather-proof polyester. The bicycle seat cover includes an attached stuff sack, and a convenient carabiner, to attach it to the bottom of your seat rails or wherever else may be convenient. Weighs 30-grams (1-ounce)

Durable weather resistant polyester
Elastic draw string closure creates a secure fit on all common seats
Stays on in high winds and at expressway speeds
Eliminates plastic bags "blowing in the wind."
Comes with bike seat cover, attached stuff sack, and convenient clip-anywhere mini-carabiner
No more wet bike seat butt mark on your slacks
Environmentally responsible
Great for covering your saddle when the bikes are on your vehicle... More

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