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NiteRider CherryBomb Bike Taillight

NiteRider CherryBomb Bike Taillight   NiteRider CherryBomb Bike Taillight

NiteRider CherryBomb Bike Taillight

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NiteRider CherryBomb LED Bike Taillight
For much of night riding, the key to survival is not only seeing but also being seen, the Niterider CherryBomb addresses the latter. By incorporating a unique multi-directional collimator specifically designed for cycling, the CherryBomb maximizes visibility by dispersing light to the sides of the rider as well as to the rear, effectively eliminating blind spots to upcoming automobiles. To further rider safety and visibility, the CherryBomb employs a custom made, built in reflector which allows the rider to be night time visible even when the taillight is in the off position. Clip and bike mounts are included, for flexible mounting options

Special Features:

Half watt LED allows for up to
1 mile visibility
Multi-directional collimator
designed for maximum rider visibility
Reflector insert allows rider visibility
even when in the off mode
Swivel mount allows for vertical or horizontal mounting
Clip and bike mount included for flexible mounting options
2 Different modes: Flash/Steady
2 AAA Batteries included
76grms weight with 20-40hr burn... More

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