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Pashley Britannia Bike

Pashley Britannia Bike   Pashley Britannia Bike

Pashley Britannia Bike


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Pashley Britannia Bike
No Shipping Charge for a Limited Time
Pashley Bicycles is proud to release the Britannia range of bicycles which is based on their popular Princess model.

This beautifully designed bicycle that will provide a comfortable upright form of transportation for many years to come. Complete with a wicker basket, fenders, leather accessories, a frame pump and a lighting system, Pashley covered all the necessities with the design. On your travels, the Sturmey Archer 5 Speed internal hub will help you to always be in an optimal gear.

In honor of their British heritage, Pashley crafted the Britannia is Red, White or Blue.

Hand-Crafted in England, this bike is a true English Classic.

Full Specs of Pashley Britannia Bicycle:

Frame sizes: 17.5"", 20"" and 22.5""
Colors: Red, White or Blue
Frame: Traditionally lugged and brazed in England, individually hand-made.
Fork: Tubular crown hand brazed
Gears: Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub gears
Wheels: 26"" polished alloy rim with stainless steel spokes
Handlebar: Chrome plated raised bar on aluminium and stainless steel stem
Brakes: Front and Rear Sturmey Archer all weather internal drum brakes
Pedals: Alloy body with non slip inserts
Saddle: Honey Color Brooks B66s Natural Leather Saddle with coil springs (handmade in England)
Tires: Cream Schwalbe Tires Marathon Plus
Lights:Dynamo Generator powered headlight and rear LED light mounted to fender
Features: Chainguard, hand-lined mudguards, Leather Pashley honey colored grips, a Front wicker basket with leather straps. Frame mounted pump, ding-dong bell and kickstand.
Measure from crotch to the ground in bare feet. Don't use pants inseam as this can be off by 2-3 inches.
Small 17.5"" frame suits 27.5"" -31.5"" inside leg.
Medium 20"" frame suits 30"" - 34"" inside leg.
Large 22.5"" frame suits 32.5"" - 36.5"" inside... More

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