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Silverback Starke 2 Commuter Bike

Silverback Starke 2 Commuter Bike   Silverback Starke 2 Commuter Bike

Silverback Starke 2 Commuter Bike

 $870.00    $575.00

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Silverback Starke 2 Commuter Bike
The Silverback Starke bicycle was designed to be both a work-horse and a headturner. It's unique frame sports a sleek, molded look which is both practical and timeless.

At first glance it's striking looks are accentuated by the absence of a traditional down tube. The minimalistic design and smooth lines add to the elegently simplistic aesthetics.

The low position of the top tube serves to make the Starke bicycle easy to mount whether a rider is male or female, young or old. Extensive hydroforming of this tubing serves to enhance the overall strength of the
platform while increasing torsional rigidity, a bonus for converting the your pedaling effort into forward motion.

Added to this is the Uni-Fit adjustable stem and seatpost which allows a truly one size fits all standard for adults and ensures a comfortable position no matter the stature of the rider.

In line with the ethos of commuting, selected models sport Supernova dynamo front hubs and light systems to allow year--round commuting even when the sun goes down. A USB port to supply on-the-fly charging for your favorite USB compatible portable device is standard with models equipped with a dynamo hub. Mounting systems for various devices are brand and model specific and may be purchased separately.

The Starke 2 features a Shimano 8 Speed drivetrain.

Silverback Starke 2 Special Features:

UNI-FIT/adjustable stem and seat post systems allow riders to easily custom fit the bicycle to their dimensions.
SB Proprietary frame construction seamless engineering and lightweight
Only one front chain ring for simplicity in riding use and increased reliability in the drivetrain.
Custom Hydro-formed 99M tubing with added Nickel creates a strong, light and sound damped ride that is uni-fit and agile for city commuting.
Clean and attractive cable guides allow for easy maintenance and increased longevity of shifting performance.
Rigid forks and disc brakes allow for responsive city navigating by making the bike easy to accelerate and decelerate.

Full Specs of Starke 2:

Frame: Hydroformed 6061 Aluminum Frame - Lightweight, elegant and comfortable
Fork: 6061 Custom Aluminum - Smooth ride, strong and lightweight
Rims: Alex SX44 26""
Hubs: F: Shimano RM66 R: Center Lock
Tires: 26"" Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Tires - Extremely durable and puncture resistant
Fenders: Keep wet weather discomfort to a minimum
Crankset: Suntour with 42 T chain ring
Rear Derailleur: 8 Speed Shimano Acera
Shifters: Shimano Acera 8 Speed
Bottom Bracket: VP Components
Cassette: SRAM 8 Speed, 11-32T
Pedals: VP Components
Brake Set: Tektro Draco Hydraulic Disc brakes
Stem: Uni-Fit Adjustable stem and seatpost - Infinitely adjustable fit
Handlebar: City Comfort Riser
Weight: 12.5kg / 27.4 lbs
Included Features: Fenders,... More

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