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Nordica Wild Belle Ski - Women's - 2015/2016

Nordica Wild Belle Ski - Women's - 2015/2016   Nordica Wild Belle Ski - Women's - 2015/2016

Nordica Wild Belle Ski - Women's - 2015/2016

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Nordica Wild Belle Ski - Women's: At 88mm underfoot the Wild Belle has got enough float for soft stuff, and plenty of sidecut for laying it over on the hardpack. All-mountain camROCK only increases the versatility, while the new micro laminate Balsa Core Technology provides metal like performance at a phenomenally light weight. For skiers who do it all, this is your new one ski quiver. From charging secret woods stashes to dropping pillow lines, bump runs, a quick lap through the park, followed by racing friends back to the chair to do it all over again, Nordica's All Mountain Collection provides all the versatility and performance lady rippers could ever want ski, regardless of conditions. A Microlam designed exclusively for women. ENGINEERING The Balsa Core is a microlam construction made up of many thin balsa wood stringers stacked side by side, which provide a strong and damp metal like feeling at an extremely light weight. This damp feeling allows skiers to rip through any conditions. OCHROMA PYRAMIDALE: THE BALSA TREE We use the fastest growing hardwood in the world for our cores, making our skis rock-solid and environmentally sustainable. BALSA UNDER A MICROSCOPE: NATURES NATURAL STRENGTH Highest strength to weight ratio of any Hardwood. Cell geometry provides shock absorption, giving damp metal like performance. Strong & light structure due to extremely large cells and thin cell walls. 60% Air (cells) and 40% solid material (cell walls). More

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