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Head Monster 88 Ski - Men's - 2015/2016

Head Monster 88 Ski - Men's - 2015/2016   Head Monster 88 Ski - Men's - 2015/2016

Head Monster 88 Ski - Men's - 2015/2016

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Head Monster 88 Ski - Men's: Fear not, this monster will chew up and spit out any terrain that comes your way! Brand new this season, the Monster 88 is a tough, agile, and versatile all-mountain ski that powers through any condition. It is armed with the winning combination of ERA 3.0's technologies of rocker, radius and rebound as well as the strong Graphene(TM) Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction. Dominate the mountain with the Monster 88. Features Allride Rocker - A rocker who feels comfortable on the steepest slopes and deepest pow - made for skiers who feel comfortable on the steepest slopes and deepest pow, and who are always ready to make the best out of every single skiing day. Allride Rocker enables enables superior steering and increased flotation. We place exactly the right amount of rocker in each model to ensure maximum performance for all ability levels. Steering is easier for all skiers and soft snow versatility is enhanced. ERA 3.0 - Imagine a ski that performs for everyone, anywhere: One for all. All in one. HEAD ERA 3.0 is not your one-dimensional "have a problem? we fix it!" technology. ERA 3.0 is a combination of technologies, shape and geometry. Think Rocker, think Radius, think Rebound. Think 3-dimensional. Graphene WC Sandwich Cap Construction - A wood core sandwich construction with Titanal which combines the solid and responsive performance of the vertically laminated wood core and control offered by the Titanal. Upper layer wrapped by Cap that insures longer durability. Structured UHM C Base - The same high quality material used in HEAD's world-leading race skis is used here. Different structured running base for all conditions. Details Lengths: 163 / 170 / 177 / 184 Dimensions: 133 / 88 / 114 (length 177) Radius: 17.4 (length 177) BINDINGS NOT... More

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