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Gamakatsu 298407

Gamakatsu 298407   Gamakatsu 298407

Gamakatsu Round Bend-Short Shank Hooks - Black


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An incredibly sharp Gamakatsu hook will spell the difference between success and failure. The sticky sharpness of Gamakatsu hooks is the result of a patented mechanical needle-honing process developed to ensure anglers get the sharpest hooks possible. High-carbon steel construction ensures superior strength and durability. This sturdy, black short-shank treble will serve you well as a replacement on your favorite lure or fished alone and rigged with various baits. Sizes: 6 (per 12)4 (per 11)2 (per 9)1 (per 7)1/0 (per 6) Type:... More

Gamakatsu 298407
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UPC: 089726101307
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