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Cabela's 225764

Cabela's 225764   Cabela's 225764

Cabela's Instinct ACComplice 22 Half-Moon Bolts

 $89.99    $44.88

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Your crossbow is cocked and your prey is in sight. Speed and accuracy are at your side with Cabelas Instinct ACComplice 22 Half-Moon Bolts, featuring Easton A/C technology. This marks the first time its been used for crossbow hunters. SuperLite Easton alloy/carbon engineering yields superior tack-driving accuracy, unrivaled kinetic energy and high-velocity broadhead-driving power. Ideal for high-powered crossbows, 3 vanes. Stiffening ridge cuts flutter at high speeds while increasing accuracy and tightening broadhead groups. Recommended field-point size:1132. Precision inserts. Per 6. Length: 22. Straightness factor: .002. Wt. tolerance: 0.2 gr. Nocks: Half-moon. Vane colors may vary from what is shown. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Carbon... More

Cabela's 225764
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