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Kwigglers BTSBD

Kwigglers BTSBD   Kwigglers BTSBD

Kwigglers Ball Tail Shad - Chartreuse


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With its ball tail and soft-plastic body, The KWigglers Ball Tail Shad produces an action that mimics baitfish and attract inshore species like trout, redfish, flounder and more. Realistic shad shape. Size: 5. Color: (030)Laguna Pearl/Chartreuse, (037)Motor Oil/Chartreuse (not shown), (038)Geaux Tigers, (039)Laguna Flauge, (040)Laguna Flauge/Chartreuse, (045)Mansfield Margarita, (046)Flo Mingo, (051)Honey Gold, (053)Clear Red, (054)Bone Diamond, (077)Carolina Pump/Chartreuse, (078)Chartreuse Blue/Chartreuse, (079)Midnite/Chartreuse, (080)Natural 2 Tone, (081)Nite Glo/Chartreuse, (082)Olive Red/Chartreuse, (083)Pearl/Hot, (084)Plum Blue/Chartreuse, (085)Punch/Cool, (086)Strawberry/Cool, (097)Sand, (928)Electric Sunrise. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Soft... More

Kwigglers BTSBD
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