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Mustad TG76BLN-6-11U

Mustad TG76BLN-6-11U   Mustad TG76BLN-6-11U

Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble - Black Nickel


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The design of this replacement treble hook was created by the worlds No.1-ranked angler and Mustad pro-staffer Kevin VanDam. The hook design features a unique wide bend and power angle point that makes it virtually impossible for fish to throw the hook. It features 1X strong wire and 2X short shank. The shorter shank helps avoid hook tangling and allows anglers to use a hook one or two sizes larger, providing a wider gap and greatly increasing hook sets. The beefier wire adds strength to help pull fish out of heavy cover. Per 11. Sizes: 1, 2, 4, 6. Color: Black Nickel. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Color: Black Nickel. Type:... More

Mustad TG76BLN-6-11U
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