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Clam Outdoors 9719

Clam Outdoors 9719   Clam Outdoors 9719

Clam Outdoors Pro Tackle Dingle Drop XL - Chartreuse

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Show fish something new; Clam Outdoors Pro Tackle Dingle Drop XL has a small tungsten ball on a chain for constant action with minimal movement. Tungsten is 30% heavier than lead, making it dive faster. Greater density and reduced water resistance translates into more felt bites. Large, fine-wire hook angled at 45 increases your hooking percentage and holds on to the bait. Per each. Size: 1/16 oz., size 10 hook. Colors: (001)Chartreuse/Pink Glow Spot, (002)Chartreuse/Blue Glow Spot, (003)Glow Red, (005)Chartreuse/Green Glow Spot, (009)Gold, (100)Chartreuse/Orange Glow Spot. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Color: Chartreuse. Type:... More

Clam Outdoors 9719
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