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Boone 15944

Boone 15944   Boone 15944

Boone Bird Rigs - Blue (7)

 $44.99    $16.88

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The 7'' rig uses 10-feet of 250-lb. mono with a 7'' bird followed by three 3/4-oz. Air Eyes, a 2-oz. sea minnow and an 8/0 hook. It flutters like a flying fish on the surface, triggering the feeding instincts of nearby game fish. The 9-1/2 unit is identical apart from the use of a 9-1/2 bird and a 9/0 hook. On the 12 rig is 10-1/2-ft. of 400-lb. mono with a 12 bird, three 3/4-oz. Air Eyes, an 8-oz. sea minnow and a 10/0 hook. It mimics the irresistible scenario of a school of fish chasing a wounded fish. All rigs come with a one-pocket storage pouch. Sizes: 7 9-1/2 12 . Colors: (800)Dolphin, (130)Blue/Pink. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Size: 7. Color: Blue. Type:... More

Boone 15944
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