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Cabela's 4BV-05

Cabela's 4BV-05   Cabela's 4BV-05

Cabela's Go-To Water Bug - Black/Blue

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Our Go-To Water Bug is a great bait for fishing in and around structure. Plus, you can use it with a Texas rig for a weedless approach. Beaver-style body imitates a crawfish to lure in hungry fish. Can also be used as a jig trailer. Per 7. Size: 4. Colors: (001)Green Pumpkin, (002)Watermelon Red Flake, (003)Craw Orange Swirl, (004)Black/Blue Metal Flake, (005)Black Neon, (006)Green Pumpkin Blue Swirl, (007)Hematoma, (008)Pumpkin/Chartreuse Lam. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Color: Black/Blue. Type: Soft... More

Cabela's 4BV-05
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