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Sog Knives 5.8" Baton Q4

Sog Knives 5.8" Baton Q4   Sog Knives 5.8" Baton Q4

Sog Knives 5.8" Baton Q4

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Product details provided by Brownells:
The Baton Q4 from SOG is an amplification of the already remarkable Q3 model. The unit is expandable and adaptable to fit whatever your needs may be. Moreover, the portability is unmatched. At roughly the same size as an ink marker, there's no reason the SOG Baton Q4 can't always be with you. The Baton Q4 is equipped with the numerous tools, including: Blade (straight edge) Bolt/nut gripper Bottle opener Can opener File (three-sided) Two flat screwdrivers (small and medium) Hex bit driver (magnetic 1/4" ratchet) Pliers Wire cutter (soft) The Baton Q4 from SOG weights just 6 ounces and is only 5.8&rdq Mfg: Sog... More

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