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Sog Knives 5.6" Baton Q1

Sog Knives 5.6" Baton Q1   Sog Knives 5.6" Baton Q1

Sog Knives 5.6" Baton Q1

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Product details provided by Brownells:
The SOG Baton Q1 was made for people who don't have the luxury of calling a desk their office. For those always on the go, but can't be without office and administrative basic, this is the multi-purpose tool to ensure you never miss a detail. The Baton Q1 is about the size of a common ink marker, making it easy to carry in your pocket, bag, or backpack. It includes: Pressurized ballpoint pen Bottle opener Flat screwdriver (medium) Spring-assisted scissors The Baton Q1 weighs just 2.4 ounces and is 5.6" in length. Mfg: Sog... More

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