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Hot Tuna 881185

Hot Tuna 881185   Hot Tuna 881185

Hot Tuna Mask Snorkel Fin Set - Black, L

 $67.99    $13.48

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The full Hot Tuna Mask Snorkel Fin Set includes everything any little water baby will need to get started snorkeling in the sea. The snorkel includes a splash protector, purge valve, and angled mouthpiece to prevent and reduce water intake for clear breathing. With diversion slot-pushing technology and a comfortable full-foot fit, flexible fins feature a whale tail shape for minimum resistance and a more powerful thrust. Made from high-strength tempered glass, the one-piece curved lens mask offers clear vision and a comfortable fit, thanks to the adjustable head strap Snorkeling set . Snorkel: Strap retainer. Splash protector. Pre-angled mouthpiece. Purge valve Fins: Flexible blade. Whale tail fin design. Diversion slot-pushing technology. Full-foot fit Mask: One-piece curve lens. High-strength tempered glass. Adjustable head strap Conforms to safety standards. Not for people under 59 in. (150cm) tall.... More

Hot Tuna 881185
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