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CampStove Coffee Kit

CampStove Coffee Kit   CampStove Coffee Kit

CampStove Coffee Kit


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Featuring friends from MiiR and Kuju, this kit gives you everything you need for great meals and delicious coffee at your favorite backcountry spot. The versatile KettlePot can whip up one-pot wonders, boil noodles, or rehydrate meals and transforms instantly into a french-press carafe with the included CoffeePress. For a limited time only, save $53 on this combo.Includes CampStove 2, KettlePot, CoffeePress, [2] MiiR x BioLite 12oz Insulated Camp Cups, and [4] Kuju x BioLite Coffee PacksCampStove 2 produces 3 watts usable electricityBoil 1L water in 4.5 minutesCoffee packs are pre-measured to KettlePot capacity and Camp Cups keep your beverages... More

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