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BioLite Energy Bundle+

BioLite Energy Bundle+   BioLite Energy Bundle+

BioLite Energy Bundle+


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The Best Deal On Our Top Sellers. Build out a complete off-grid ecosystem with this modular kit of wood-fired cooking, portable solar charging, and outdoor USB lighting: FeaturesKit Includes: CampStove 2, Portable Grill, KettlePot, SolarPanel 5+, PowerLight, SiteLight Reg., SiteLight XLCamping stove cooks meals and charges gear with a smokeless flameBONUS UPGRADE: 5 Watt SolarPanel 5+ features on-board 2200mAh batteryPowerLight includes dimmable 250 Lumen Flashlight, 200 Lumen Lantern, and 4400mAh powerbankDaisy-chaining 300 Lumen SiteLight Regular and XL offer packable overhead lightingGreat for camping, roadtrips, and power... More

Biolite CSX1505
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