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Herring Designs SlabMat

Herring Designs SlabMat   Herring Designs SlabMat

Herring Designs SlabMat


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The SlabMat is a non-woven fabric that is a smooth alternative to canvas. Suitable for use with slab rollers or while hand-rolling, the SlabMat doesn't leave a texture on your clay the way that canvas does.Tips for use: SlabMat will absorb water from the slab as it is rolled. For that reason, it is best not to leave the slab on the SlabMat after rolling. Just like canvas, if you peel the clay off the SlabMat rather than the SlabMat off the clay while the clay is on a flat surface, you may warp the slab. When you cut on the SlabMat, it will leave clay lines, just like on canvas. You can use a plastic or wooden rib to remove the marks. A stainless steel fettling knife is recommended. You can usually roll about three slabs on the SlabMat before the SlabMat has absorbed too much moisture and must be dried. Fortunately, in the time it takes to roll three slabs on a second SlabMat, the first SlabMat will likely be dry enough to be used again. Larger sizes are recommended for use with... More

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