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Bluebird Mid-size 675 Pugmill

Bluebird Mid-size 675 Pugmill   Bluebird Mid-size 675 Pugmill

Bluebird Mid-size 675 Pugmill


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Specifications: New design features include 1) Barrel ports to permit removal of two-part stainless screens for cleaning without removing barrel 2) Horizontal ribbing on interior walls of barrel aiding clay flow, especially of fine-particled bodies 3) Horizontal mounting of components for improved durability and easier access when servicing 15" high, 24" wide, 54" long, pugging nozzle 4.25" diameter, hopper opening 7"x7". Finish is primed and painted Output is between 1000 and 1200 lbs per hour. Mount horizontally to sturdy work table Totally enclosed, fan cooled 3/4 hp motor, single phase, 115 volts, 11 amps, 60 hz Vacuum pump: 1/2 hp rotary vane, operates separately from motor, 115v, single phase, 5 amps. Pulls up to 27" Hg. Model 800: 310... More

Bluebird GROUP-PMBB675
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