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6 Inch Odor Free Bully Stick Mix - 5 Pack

6 Inch Odor Free Bully Stick Mix - 5 Pack   6 Inch Odor Free Bully Stick Mix - 5 Pack

6 Inch Odor Free Bully Stick Mix - 5 Pack

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The 6" Odor Free Bully Sticks - 5 pack Mix is a great way to sample bully sticks in a convenient multi-pack. Made from grass-fed, free-range cattle, this assortment of thin and standard thickness 6" odor-free sticks is perfect to take on short trips with Fido or for dogs who occasionally chew bullies but have other chews in their routine. Bully sticks and other natural, highly-digestible dog chews are an easy way to keep your dog calm and busy while promoting dental health! Our 5-pack of odor-free dog chews also makes a great birthday or holiday gift! Most suitable for small to medium dogs and light chewers Sourced from free-range cattle Variety of thin and standard chews Convenient, resealable 5 pack Ingredients: Natural bull pizzle Size: 6 inches long; Standard and thin thickness mix Origin:... More

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