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Ear Variety Pack for Dogs

Ear Variety Pack for Dogs   Ear Variety Pack for Dogs

Ear Variety Pack for Dogs

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Mix up your dog's chewing routine with Best Bully Sticks' Ear Treat Variety Pack! A selection of 3 lamb ears, 3 cow ears and 3 pig ears, this grab bag of tasty treats has something to please every pup. Sourced from the finest ingredients, this package of all-natural dog chews contains free-range, grass-fed Brazilian beef, high-quality Australian lamb, and pork raised right here in the USA! For feisty chewers, our pig ears are oven-baked to perfection. Cow ears are low in fat but high in flavor - even without additives or smoking agents! Does Spot have a sensitive stomach? Our Ear Treat Variety Pack also contains lamb ears, a delicious hypoallergenic chew for dogs with touchy tummies. The gnawing action from these chews also promotes good doggy dental health by preventing the buildup of tartar and plaque! All made from a single ingredient, these healthy dog chews contain no preservatives, chemicals or hormones of any kind! Great tasting and fully digestible, these delicious treats won't cause intestinal blockages like traditional rawhide products. Wholesome, long lasting and containing no artificial ingredients, the chews in our Ear Treat Variety Pack are a tasty way to make sure your dog stays healthy and... More

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