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Large Split Elk Antler - Individual

Large Split Elk Antler - Individual   Large Split Elk Antler - Individual

Large Split Elk Antler - Individual

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Large Split Elk Antlers are for your impatient pooches! We've taken our all-natural, elk antler dog chews and split them right down the middle to expose the rich, inner marrow your pup craves! These chews are approximately 6 - 7 inches long. Our Large Split Elk Antlers are particularly great for large breed puppies, or senior dogs who need extra help. If you don't have an aggressive chewer at home, but want a long-lasting treat, a Large Split Elk Antler is also a great choice for you! Best Bully Sticks only sources our elk antlers from free-roaming elk. Every year, these majestic animals shed their antlers. We simply collect them off of the forest floor, clean and cut them to sizes perfect for your pooch. You won't be getting any preservatives, chemicals or fillers from us. We just don't believe in it. Large Split Elk Antlers are also a great dental dog chew! While your dog is living up to the chewing challenge of an elk antler, little do they know they're also getting the teeth cleaning of their life! Chewing elk antlers scrapes away icky tartar and plaque buildup that can cause serious health issues for your dog. Your vet will be glad you chose elk antlers and, of course, so will your... More

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