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Large Elk Antler Burr - Individual

Large Elk Antler Burr - Individual   Large Elk Antler Burr - Individual

Large Elk Antler Burr - Individual

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Let your dog take on a large chewing challenge with a Large Elk Antler Burr! Burrs are one of the most dense dog chews available. Sourced from the area in an elk's antler where the skull attaches to the antler, burrs were made by nature to withstand tough conditions. Now your dog can have their chance to take on this highly long-lasting chew! Ranging from 2 A 1/4 to 2 A 3/4 inches, these hefty dog chews are great for large breed dogs or aggressive chewers of any size. All of Best Bully Sticks elk antler burrs are eco-friendly and humane as we only source from naturally-shed antlers from wild-roaming elk. We simply collect, wash and cut the elk antlers down to perfect sizes for your dog. We never add any ingredients like preservatives, chemicals or fillers. Your dog always gets 100% elk antler! You'll never have to worry about mess or odor, either! Chock full of great nutrients and minerals like calcium and zinc, your dog's health can benefit from chewing elk antler burrs, too. Large Elk Antler Burrs are also great for dental health! Chewing the unique shape of a burr scrapes away tartar and plaque buildup on your dog teeth while massaging gums for an all-over mouth cleaning! More

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