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Medium Elk Antler Burr - Individual

Medium Elk Antler Burr - Individual   Medium Elk Antler Burr - Individual

Medium Elk Antler Burr - Individual

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Medium Elk Antler Burrs are nature's chew toys made for your aggressive chewer! Sourced from naturally-shed, wild-roaming elk, these burr dog chews are the toughest part of the antler! Burrs are the section connecting the skull to the antler, which was made to withstand serious abuse from the elements and nature. Now your dog can take up the challenge of a burr perfectly fit for medium-sized dogs, aggressive chewers and even puppies! Medium Elk Antler Burrs range from 2 to 2 A 1/4 inches. Our elk antlers are eco-friendly and sustainable dog chews as we only collect antlers after they've been shed. And we very minimally process the chews, simply washing them with water and cutting them to sizes your dog can enjoy! Wolves have enjoyed the nutritious and delicious challenge of elk antler burrs for centuries, now your dog can walk on the wild side and reap the benefits, too. Elk antler burrs are high in calcium, zinc and other beneficial nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. And the chewing required to take on a burr removes tartar and plaque from your dog's teeth! Because this is truly a natural product, every elk antler burr can range in color and... More

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