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Gourmet Beef Cannoli Dog Chews - 10 Pack

Gourmet Beef Cannoli Dog Chews - 10 Pack   Gourmet Beef Cannoli Dog Chews - 10 Pack

Gourmet Beef Cannoli Dog Chews - 10 Pack

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Gourmet Beef Cannoli Dog Chews are now available in a convenient 10 pack! These all-natural dog chews are sourced from free-range, grass-fed beef. Approximately 6 inches long, the outer shell is made from beef aorta, a main heart artery. We then stuff it with tendon pieces for a challenging dog chew! As your dog chews on this hearty chew, they're also working on cleaner teeth. Best Bully Sticks Gourmet Beef Cannoli Dog Chews removes tartar and plaque from teeth and massages gums for an overall great dental dog chew. Your vet will be just as pleased as your pup! Great for big or small dogs, Fido is sure to love this tasty and long-lasting chew! Natural rawhide alternative Sourced from free-range cattle Suited for moderate chewers Dental dog chew that helps remove plaque and tartar Ingredients: Natural beef aorta and tendon Size: Approximately 6 inches long Origin:... More

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