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Beef Sausage Sticks - 20 Pack

Beef Sausage Sticks - 20 Pack   Beef Sausage Sticks - 20 Pack

Beef Sausage Sticks - 20 Pack

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Try something new with Beef Sausage Sticks dog treats! This Sausage Stick is full of beefy flavor that dogs love and can be given to any size dog. Beef Sausage Sticks are conveniently shaped to either give to your dog whole, or easily cut up into smaller pieces. Like many of our beef treats, our Beef Sausage is sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle. Wholesome, quality ingredients make for wholesome treats. Single-ingredient beef treat Sourced from grass-fed cattle May be cut up to use as training treats Flavor that dogs... More

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