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Bully Flakes - 4 oz.

Bully Flakes - 4 oz.   Bully Flakes - 4 oz.

Bully Flakes - 4 oz.

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We all know dogs love the taste of bully sticks, so we recreated their favorite chew in another form: Bully Flakes! These flakes are light, soft, and make a great topping on your dog's daily food as a flavor enhancer and extra boost of protein. Made from ground-up bully sticks, your dog will salivate when he smells this flaky treat. Bully Flakes may be used for senior dogs who lack appetite or finicky eaters need coaxing to eat their dry food. Sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle Tasty food topper High in protein (51.88%) Great way to entice a choosy dog to eat. "I have put it on their food two times now, and you would have thought they were given a million dollars."... More

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