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Thin Bully Stick 1 lb. Grab Bag

Thin Bully Stick 1 lb. Grab Bag   Thin Bully Stick 1 lb. Grab Bag

Thin Bully Stick 1 lb. Grab Bag

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Our Thin Bully Stick 1 lb. Grab Bag is an amazing deal on small and medium sized bully sticks! This item is a 1 lb. variety bag of our popular bully sticks, in small and medium sizes. Small bully sticks will range from 5 to 7 inches and medium sized bully sticks will range from 11 to 13 inches. In the bag, you'll find a mixture of both sizes of bully sticks. Both sizes will be our thin thickness size. Thin Sticks are our thinnest sticks, and can be chewed very quickly. They are recommended for non-aggressive chewers. This variety bag is a great opportunity for dogs of all sizes to try out our bully sticks or for long time customers to get a great deal on the dog treats they've grown to love. These are our all natural low odor bully sticks. Suitable for medium dogs and smaller Single-ingredient beef treat Natural dental dog chew Safe alternative to chemically-processed rawhide... More

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