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Anon M2 Goggle Replacement Lens

Anon M2 Goggle Replacement Lens   Anon M2 Goggle Replacement Lens

Anon M2 Goggle Replacement Lens


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The Anon M2 ski / snowboard goggle replacement lens. The perfect accessory for the fastest lens changing goggle in the world. Easy off easy on change your lens with your mood or bette yet the daily changing mountain conditions. It really is that easy. Features: Sonar Lens by ZEISS Magna-tech quick lens change tech anon. spherical lens tech Wall-to-wall vision Full perimeter channel venting ICT(Integral clarity tech) Fluch mount outrigger Tech: Sonar Lens by ZEISS: Exclusively developed for snow sports and ANON goggles. The ZEISS lens enhances contrast for the best possible definition and terrain recognition. Tech Specs: Green Solex: 18% VLT, Sunny/ Bluebird conditions Blue Lagoon: 55-85% VLT, cloudy/ greybird conditions Pink SQ Mirror: 35% VLT, Partly cloudy conditions, Ideal for variable/ changing weather condition days Blue Silver Fade: 40% VLT, Ideal for Partly cloudy days Gold Chrome: 40% VLT, Ideal for Partly cloudy days Red Ice: 80% VLT, Ideal for cloudy/ snowy/ flat light days Silver Amber: 35% VLT, Most versatile, great in all conditions Blue Amber: 50% VLT, Ideal in all conditions Magna tech quick change lenses: 8 magnetic connection points creates a sealed unit. Easy change, the lens only fits one way and is self... More

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