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2XU Elite Compression Alpine Socks - Women's

2XU Elite Compression Alpine Socks - Women's   2XU Elite Compression Alpine Socks - Women's

2XU Elite Compression Alpine Socks - Women's


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Modeled off the already proven Elite compression sock, the Alpine version receives all the appropriate design elements and technical attributes for the ultimate ski / snowboard / alpine compression sock. Padded where needed but low profile to avoid unnecessary bulk or take away from feeling the snow. Support in the ankle and achilles with graduated fit for increased circulation, this sock provides support and comfort for long days on the mountain. Reduced muscle fatigue, damage & injury means less pain Stronger performance for longer duration Less muscle fatigue means faster recovery Increased circulation and oxygen to your muscles at altitude Greater comfort and longer pain-free hours on the snow Features: Uses PWX fabric technology / 250 Denier enhanced compression and durability Increased elastane yarn placement - zoned to provide greater power, durability, comfort & support to calf, shin and ankle regions Padding (low profile) added to foot bed and shin for add protection and comfort Flexible tongue zone - minimal fabric at top of ankle for a flexible pain less junction with boot tongue to eliminate pressure point Graduated fit design to promote circulation (venous return) for improved oxygenation of muscles and reduces fatigue Linked toe cage for improved fit and comfort Breathable, extreme moisture management &... More

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