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Swix 94985

Swix 94985   Swix 94985

SWIX CH8X Red 60g

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
Temperature range from -4AdegC to 4AdegC (25AdegF to 39AdegF). Recommended iron temp: 130AdegC (266AdegF). A continuation of the std. CH8. An economic training and racing wax as well as base prep wax for warm skis. Easy to melt and very convenient to work with.The speed of the iron should be approx. 8-10 sec. on a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. Important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the... More

Swix 94985
Item #: 94985
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