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Black Diamond Equipment 10443

Black Diamond Equipment 10443   Black Diamond Equipment 10443

Black Diamond C4 Camalots

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
Since their introduction in 1987, Camalots have undergone three generations of refinement, while continuously proving themselves as trusted partners on the racks of climbers worldwide. Their patented double-axle design created a range of placement and strength unequaled by any other camming device-critical advantages that are still preferred 17 years later. This season Black Diamond continues to lead with the introduction of our New Camalots that offer a whole new universe of placement possibilities. We have developed new, patent-pending technology in our head designs and cable stems. Our new cams offer the greatest opportunity for solid placements by utilizing a larger expansion range. Significantly lighter weights, better flexibility and smooth action make these new camming devices the best protection available. Designed, manufactured and tested at Black Diamond, Camalots just got a whole lot better. Double axle design for wide range of placements with each cam. Cable trigger is designed to be easy to clean with a nut tool. The solid stem makes a variety of placements more stable, and the sewn runner helps keep from connecting gear from moving around after placement. Features: a Significantly lighter weights, better flexibility, and smooth action make these new camming devices the best protection available a Super strong and easy to place in varying rock types a Large, textured thumb catch and trigger bar give slipfree placement and allow for independent cam manipulation a Single nylon stem design is less likely to walk after placement a Nylon stem is rigid for easy placement a Color-coded heads and slings for easy identification Note that this item of climbing safety equipment is non-returnable. Please call us toll free at 877-236-8428 or e-mail with any questions. Size Color Range Strength Weight 0.3 Blue 13.8 - 23.4 mm, (0.54"-0.92") 8 kN 75 g (2.65 oz) 0.4 Gray 15.5 - 26.6mm (0.61" - 1.05") 10kN 82g (2.83oz) 0.5 Purple 19.6 - 33.3mm (0.77" - 1.31") 12kN 97g (3.34oz) 0.75 Green 24.1 - 40.9mm (0.95" - 1.61") 14kN 116g (4.00oz) 1.0 Red 30.2 - 52.1mm (1.19" - 2.05") 14kN 134g (4.62oz) 2.0 Yellow 37.3 - 64.3mm (1.47" - 2.53") 14kN 158g (5.45oz) 3.0 Blue 50.8 - 87.4mm (2.00" - 3.44") 14kN 201g (6.93oz) More

Black Diamond Equipment 10443
Item #: 10443
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