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Moment 122180

Moment 122180   Moment 122180

Moment Deathwish Tour

 $779.00    $545.30

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
DEATHWISH TOUR Honestly, the decision to redesign the Deathwish Tour came from some pretty simple reasoning. Instead of letting people fall in love with the Deathwish then making them choose a different ski for touring, Moment figured it made more sense to just give them what they want: a lightweight, skin-ready version of the original Deathwish. So they shaved a couple pounds off, tweaked the tip and tail to accept skins, and here we are. As if that wasn't enough justification, this new version also happens to slot perfectly in between the Wildcat Tour 108 and the Wildcat Tour. Makes sense to us. Any questions? Call 1-900-MIX-A-LOT. DIMENSIONS LENGTH TIP WAIST TAIL RADIUS EFFECTIVE EDGE WEIGHT (PAIR) MOUNT 174cm 138mm 112mm 129mm 22.0m 1358mm -- / -- -5cm 184cm 138mm 112mm 129mm 25.0m 1458mm 7.44lbs / 3.37kg -5cm 190cm 138mm 112mm 129mm 27.0m 1518mm 8.03lbs / 3.64kg -5cm TRIPLE CAMBER TWIN ROCKER Rocker at the tip and tail, low center camber, and two sections of micro-camber embedded in front of and behind the binding. Rocker and low camber let the ski surf and slash in powder, while the micro-camber sections create focused edge pressure on hardpack for carving. CONSTRUCTION PAULOWNIA/ASH WOOD CORE Full length, knot free, in house laminated wood core gives this ski its unique blend of liveliness and dampening. All wood sourced in the USA. UHMW SIDEWALL The strongest and most durable sidewall material on the market ensures you have the best edge hold available while ripping the piste. LOWFAT LAYUP A combination of custom lighter triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber and Paulwonia wood makes the uphill easier without sacrificing fun on the way back down. 4001 DURASURF BASE Hands down the most durable base on the market. Dont worry about those snow snakes. 2.2 EURO EDGE There are only handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source in Europe to offer the best edge possible. We do additional heat treating and bonding prep in house to make sure your edge stays sharper, lasts longer and can handle a beating. TRIPLE CAMBER... More

Moment 122180
Item #: 122180
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