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Blizzard 122087

Blizzard 122087   Blizzard 122087

Blizzard Rustler 10

 $699.95    $524.96

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
The Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis get some minor tweaks this season, primarily aimed at making the ski more stable at speed and a bit less "reactive" to turn input. We've tested the new version and can confirm it still rips and feels a bit less twitchy at speed. The 102 mm width and versatile handling that have made it a favorite in the "Quiver of One" sweepstakes haven't changed, but the overall impression leans a bit more toward the performance profile of the Bonafide (that is to say, stronger at speed and in large radius turns) than before. Rocker Concept - Increased tip and tail rocker to ensure ideal flotation at all speeds. Camber underfoot to provide control on compact snow. Shape Shape Concept - Progressive wide body style with an aggressive radius. Early rise tail designed to be playful in softer snow. Core Multi-Layer ISO Poplar Beech Balsa Paulownia Woodcore Carbon Flipcore Technology - A revolutionary rockered ski production process that incorporates a uni-directional carbon frame onto the core of the ski that results in great performance with a light and easy feel. Carbon Flipcore D.R.T. - Blizzard's Dynamic Release Technology, shared by the Spur, Rustler and Sheeva series, utilizes a specially shaped Titanal component that is full width under the boot but tapers toward the tip and tail of the ski, to increase the ski's playfulness without the weight penalty and without sacrificing stability. Combined with unidirectional carbon fiber in the tip and tail, longitudinal stability is retained while torsional rigidity is lessened for a more playful and less hooky feel. Uni-Directional Carbon Frame D.R.T Titanal Anti-Shock Layer Carbon Fiberglass Compound Sidewalls Sandwich Compound Sidewall - All Blizzard skis with the exception of some junior skis are built with ABS or Phenol sidewalls for superior performance (stability, power transmission, handling) and durability. Base Sintered Graphite Base Additional Features Dura-Tec - Improved durability through the use of thicker TPU foils on the topsheet... More

Blizzard 122087
Item #: 122087
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