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Swix 94995

Swix 94995   Swix 94995

SWIX Waxing Iron T77 Economy 110 Volt

 $60.00    $36.00

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
The Swix T77 Waxing Iron Economy gives you quite the bang for your buck. The thick metal plate distributes the heat evenly, and it is angled on one side to make it easier for you to melt on the wax to make your skis ultra fast. An Adjustable Temperature range prevents you from burning your wax too hot. The T77 is wide enough for you to make your method of sliding on the snow sleek and fast be it alpine, nordic, or snowboard. Ergonomic Body Wide Metal Plate for Alpine, Snowboards, and Nordic Angled at One Side to Keep a Consistent Speed when Melting Wax Adjustable Temperature Plate dimension 100x160 mm Model T77110 - 110... More

Swix 94995
Item #: 94995
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