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Black Diamond Equipment 66583

Black Diamond Equipment 66583   Black Diamond Equipment 66583

Black Diamond Camalot X4 Offset Cams

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
Designed to protect where no other cam can, the Camalot X4 Offset merges the unparalleled expansion range of our Camalots with an offset lobe design for pin scars, flares and other non-uniform placements. The X4's embedded cam springs allow for a super-narrow head width, and the flexible stem features aluminum protection beads to protect the cable without compromising flexibility. The X4 Offset also features anodized lobes and a color-coded Dyneema sling for quick identification. Double axle (.75/ .5 and .5/.4) and Stacked Axle Technology (.4/.3, .3/.2 and .2/.1) provide huge expansion range. The sewn runners help keep rope movement loose and the cam attachment alligned for good loading on the can. Single stem with good retraction of both sides of cams make this a quick placing piece for uneven placements. With the X4 Cam the head has a short sideways profile allowing for placements in narrow, less accepting places. Narrow head width and offset lobe design fit securely in non-uniform placements Aluminum armor beads protect cable stem without compromising flexibility Symmetric swage and hot-forged trigger bar provide strength and ergonomic handling Anodized outside lobes and lightweight, yet durable color-coded Dyneema sling for easy identification and differentiation Note that this item of climbing safety equipment is non-returnable. Please call us toll free at 877-236-8428 or e-mail with any... More

Black Diamond Equipment 66583
Item #: 66583
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