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Icelantic 122601

Icelantic 122601   Icelantic 122601

Icelantic Natural 101

 $779.00    $584.25

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
The Natural 101 is a lightweight, snappy & playful backcountry touring ski. Featuring 31cm of tip rocker, 5mm of camber underfoot and a slightly rockered tail that allows the ski to pivot effortlessly but is still flat enough for utilitarian use. By utilizing our Feather-Weight Core, the Natural 101 combines Icelantic's signature durability in an ultra-light package, allowing you to be efficient on the way up and confident on the way down. Handmade in Denver, CO and backed by a 3-Year "No Questions Asked" Warranty. ARTWORK by PARR:In Nature we strive for adventure. The correlations between exploring the backcountry and painting are very similar: both begin with an unknown path. Through maps and drawings, we've illustrated this process for our Backcountry... More

Icelantic 122601
Item #: 122601
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