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Tecnica 94979

Tecnica 94979   Tecnica 94979

Tecnica Cochise 130 Boot

 $699.95    $399.99

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Product details provided by Bentgate:
Powerful, strong and light are the monikers that best describe the Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro performance freeride touring boot. If you seek race inspired performance, highly customizable fit all under 4 pounds per boot the Tecnica Cochise 130 pro is finally here After five years of very limited changes, Tecnica has completely redeveloped the cochise using athlete feedback, strenuous R&D and technologically advanced materials. The core purpose of this boot is to bring race boot performance to the backcountry for the hard chargers out there, without sacrificing comfort and tour-ability. The Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro utilizes Tecnica's "Pro Light Design" which consists of a polyether shell and cuff that is 2.5 times stiffer and 30% thinner than conventional boot material. This adds weight savings without sacrificing performance. The Custom Adaptive Shape or "C.A.S" shell and Liner design give the Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro excellent "out of the box" fit and a very high range of customization in the hands of a bootfitter. The shell is anatomically shaped with pre punched problem areas such as the "6th toe" ankle and heel. These areas are also dimpled on the shell for faster heat molding and additional punching. The liner is also anatomically shaped with the same pre-punched areas as the shell. Dual density pre-shaped thermoformed microcell material has a low pack out rate and weighs in at 450 grams. Lastly the materials used in the shell and liner allow the boot to hold custom adjustments longer. The touring capabilities of the Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro have evolved to include a 42 degrees of movement when in tour mode. Tecnica introduces the S.A.S or Self Adaptive System, which automatically tightens when the boot is in ski mode to cut down on excess play coming from the touring mechanism. Integrated Dynafit certified tec inserts are built into the boot for a solid connection. The sole blocks are interchangeable so both lugged and DIN soles can be used. Sizes: 22.5 - 30.5* MP Flex: 130 Volume: 98 mm Low Volume Liner: C.A.S. UltraFit Pro Closure: 3 Micro Alu Buckles with Power Lock Strap *Size Note: Half sizes only Features: Interchangeable Toes and Heels (comes with DIN, Tech available) Power Lock Buckle Strap Cuff Mobility (Hike - Ski Mode) Triax... More

Tecnica 94979
Item #: 94979
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